Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time flies

               Wow, I can't beleive how long it's been since I posted. Life sure gets in the way. But I am happy to say that all of the flower gardens are in and so is the vegetable garden. That's no easy feat either. My large flower bed is 68 X 20. I also have flower beds in the front and along the back of the house . There is also one along the fence behind the veggie garden that is 80 X 3. The veggie garden is 30 X 15. This year I planted plum,beefsteak and cherry tomatoes. My brother starts them in his green house. He also gave me a black tomato plant but said not to put it near any of the others so my neighbor has it in her garden. We also put in asian radishes, baby bok choy, green beans, zuchinni and acorn squash. I don't do cucumbers because my Dad hasn't figured out how to NOT grow a ton of them so I just call once a week and POOF they magically show up on my doorstep. It's okay though. I get even with the zucchini.LOL. 

           As far as quilting goes I have started a quilt in with my BFF and my granddaughter and my youngest daughter. Once a month we are getting together to sew all day. We also eat and BS a lot too. Last month my BFF finished her first quilt top.We all had a blast. We get together again this coming Saturday. I will try to update our progress as we go along.

           In two weeks I will be off to our guild quilt retreat in Lancaster. I can't wait. I am going to be working on three Eagles quilts for my Dad and two brothers. I am almost done cutting all of my fabric. Most of it I cut on my accuquilt go cutter. I just love that machine. I just got the double wedding ring die for it and have been busy collecting 1930's prints to make it out of. Everyone has been great about helping me find a lot of different prints. I even swapped with a couple of people on the quilting board online.

           Hopefully I will have my coin stack quilt finished this week. This is the first big quilt I have done on my new Tin Lizzie. Boy am I having fun. My old home made quilting machine is up for sale on craigslist. I hope to sell it soon as having two in that room is kinda crowded.

            Until next time . Hugs and Stitches  Janet

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vote for my Jacket please

If you have a minute hop on over to and vote for my Jacket. It's called waiting for spring. Yes it's loud and funky but I was in a real funk this winter and started using color to try to break out of it. It worked. Voting starts tomorrow.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lancaster Pics

               Had a great time at the Lancaster AQS show over the weekend. Mom and I went and had a good time. On Wed we left early in the morning and went to Kitchen Kettle, Paradise woodworking, and the Mount Hope winery. Had to get provisions for the hotel.LOLThen we stopped at the Continental Inn to shop the vendors there. Bought a couple of patterns and some 12 wt sulky thread that I like to use for redwork. We got to the hotel (We stayed right at the Marriott) around 2:30 but couldn't check in right away so we browsed the show for an hour. After we checked in we had some dinner and then I had to get to a class. Had a great time. Thursday we did the whole show and browsed the vendors.Every night we hit the hot tub and then the pool.  My granddaughter who is 10 loves leopard print and we found 7 or 8 types so we bought enough for her to make a quilt. She will be over tomorrow night to start. Friday I didn't have any classes until 2:00 so we decided to go to the outlets. Bought some new clothes . My class was given by Sue Nickels . It was on free motion quilting. This is going to come in handy since Mom bought me a Tin Lizzie 18 sit down model for my birthday. You gotta love her. We bought the floor model so we had to stay until 2:00 on Sat to be able to take it home. Needless to say between the clothes , the fabric and the machine the poor car was riding low. Here are some pictures from the show.I'll post a pic of my new baby soon

The quilt in this quilt is dimensional

This one was Moms favorite

This one was my favorite

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lancaster bound

Well in a few more hours I will be Lancaster bound for the AQS show. Mom and I go every year. Even before AQS took it over when it was still held at the Host. We have such a good time. Mom doesn't quilt but she enjoys seeing the displays and us just spending time together. I have a couple of classes and lectures. We are staying at the Marriot so we just have to park the car and enjoy ourselves for 4 whole days. I'll take lots of pictures and post when I get back.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


hey everyone,please head on over to quilting gallery and vote for my quilt. voting closes at 11:59 the name of my quilt is hearts a plenty

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The last few days have been very crazy. DH went to the ER on Monday morning and ended up being admitted. Gastrointestinal thing. Not much fun for him. He was a trooper. God bless daughters. They don't mind sitting in Er's or driving back and forth to hospitals. He came home today (thanks DD#1). Hopefully he'll be his old ornery self in notime.LOL

Friday, January 28, 2011


I just won these patterns from walk on the wool  side they are sooo great. I love working with wool. Thanks Reets and Woolbert