Thursday, January 27, 2011

lunch bag done

 Since I have to go back to work on Monday after 6 weeks off I decided to go back in style, This is my new lunch bag. I really love the drawstring top. It makes it so easy to get into

this is the mug rug I made to use at work. I think I am totally addicted to making these. They are so quick and fun. I also love the fact that I have fabric around me even when I can't sew. I call it fabric therapy.
and of course I just had to make snack bags to go with  my lunch bag.These are all from the Lunch Bag Book. They even have a pattern for a crocheted apple wrap so that your apple doesn't get bruised in your lunch bag. Too cute.

This is my new bow tucks purse. Yeah I know its a little loud but I'm really tired of winter for some reason this year and I wanted something bright and funky. Hubby said he would still be seen in public with me just to not ask him to hold it.

this is the inside . I just love all of the room and all of the pockets. Since I was the only one who would see it I practiced my FMQ in the inside.

and of course I had to make a wallet to go with it.

Well off to finish DGD quilt. Almost done the quilting.

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  1. Love all the goodies that you made for work - great idea. Particularly love the bow tucks purse - not loud...just bright and cheery!
    Good luck going back to work and happy stitching