Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good morning. I have been making quite a bit of progress on my UFO basket. So far I have Completed two wallhanging tops and a table runner and a table topper. Today I am going to concentrate on getting the Christmas stuff put away and out of my room with my quilting machine in it. It's a little slow going because of my surgery. I'm can't lift over 20 lbs. So I do what I can and the DH comes home from work and carries it all up to the attic. This is no small feat because we have 9 trees.As soon as I get the wallhangings quilted I'll post pictures. My next two projects are a Thimbleberries quilt kit my DH gave my 3 years ago and a pop-up scrap sack kit I bought at lancaster AQS this year.
I have also been running my embroidery machine while I have been sewing. I have been making my oldest daughter( she'll be 30 on 1/8) a new tree skirt. It is all carousel animals,zebras,horses,elephants ect. She is my non traditional one. my youngest daughter (25) is more traditional .


  1. Lucky you having a traditional one AND a non-traditional one - that gives you lots of scope! I look forward to photos of teh tree skirt - sounds fabulous! Nine trees! Love it. I am down sizing our major tree next year, giving away the 7ft and rally fat tree and getting more skinny easier to manage trees (final number to be decided). Trees that are easier to put up and spread the spirit around the house more! Good luck with your UFO's! Happy stitching!

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