Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Well Christmas is fast aproaching. Can you believe it is only 3 more days befrore Christmas. Are you all done? I am. I really didn't have much choose as I just had a major surgery done on Thursday. So all of my shopping and crafting got done ahead of time this year. No frantic Christmas eve sewing. I also decided this year there would be absolutely no credit cards. I have been working very hard to get rid of those. It is very tempting to get carried away at the holidays. Buying stuff for those you love. This year I made most of my gifts. I am quite pleased with them too. I have also found that this year is a whole lot more peaceful. I have found a lot more time to relax and to really enjoy the meaning of the season. It's amazing how much extra stuff we take on because we think we have to. Have a wonderful and safe Christmas.

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